Who I am

Hi, I’m Carolina. Welcome to my blog! I love travel, languages, cultures, food, eating and dancing (Salsa and Bachata to be exact).  I am Colombian, I’m 23 years old, I live around the world and hopefully that won’t change any time soon. I recently moved to Rome, Italy to study Italian. I lived in London where I finished a masters degree in International Business. I arrived in London on September 24th, 2014. Before moving to London I used to live in Florida, U.S. I moved there when I was 18 and arrived to a beautiful city called Pensacola on August 10th, 2010. I lived and loved my first two years of university at the University of West Florida and then, after two years, I decided it was time to move to a bigger city. On August 15th, 2012 I moved to Tampa, Florida. I transferred to the University of South Florida and fell in love with that city and that university (Go Bulls!). During my time in the U.S. I had many amazing opportunities that helped shape the person I am now: I became a Zumba instructor, worked in summer camp (and yes, it is just like in “The Parent Trap” movie), I got to meet so many people who I can call my family today, I made friends with people from all over the world, and many more. But it wasn’t until I moved to London, that I realised how much more I had yet to see. Even though I thought I had met people from all over the world, it didn’t become literal until I stepped into the London Gatwick Airport. I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of staying in one place, and as much as I despise moving (as in the process of moving furniture and boxes) I can’t help but look for new challenges in different places. Also, because of my hate/love relationship with the moving process I decided it was time to start traveling light. Now I plan to do more trips that involve less bags and more memories. I want to share my experiences studying abroad with the hopes that I can save someone out there some time and money helping them to prevent the mistakes I made. Thank you for stopping by to get to know a little bit more about me and I hope you enjoy my travel stories and life rants, and hopefully you find my blog useful as well.

My Travels Timeline

Before moving to the U.S. my family and I travel quite a lot around Colombia and I’ve been in many places that I will narrate in special posts. Also, between this trips in the U.S., and the Bahamas, I went back to Colombia for special occasions, such as Christmas and once for my birthday to surprise my family.

July 2008: Aruba. I went for a week to celebrate my quinceañera (a South American tradition when a girl turns 15 that I explain a little bit further here). After this trip I knew all I wanted to do was travelling.

August 2010: Pensacola, FL. (USA) This was my official first semester studying abroad in the U.S. I went to the University of West Florida (Go Argos!) and took mini trips in Florida.

October 2010: St. Augustin, FL. (USA) Spent a week in this beautiful town, located in the north east side of Florida. It was really cool to see the architecture and realise how similar it is to Cartagena, Colombia.

March 2011: Orlando, FL and Miami, FL. A couple of friends and I went on a road trip to South Florida. This was my first time in the Disney Parks and in the Harry Potter World!

February 2012: New Orleans, LA. My first time in Mardi Gras! It was quite an experience, let me tell ya’. I went back 4 months later and spend more time in the daylight, let’s just say that 🙂

June 2012: Greeley, PA. I spent 3 months working in a summer camp as a Zumba instructor and bunk counsellor. I really enjoyed this experience and I highly recommend it. Not easy, but really worth it.

July 2012: New York City, NY. I took some days off from my summer camp and spent the 4th of July in New York.

August 2012: I MOVED TO TAMPA, FL!! I transferred to the University of South Florida, where I have to admit my heart belongs, and had the time of my life!  I meet a group of crazy internationals from all over the world and got the chance to really learn some new cultures. I also met some of my dearest friends who became my family and this city has a special place in my heart.

December 2012: Nassau, Bahamas. I went on a cruise with a couple of my crazy international friends.

February 2013: CZTravels comes to life! Although I didn’t officially start blogging then, I bought the domain and the idea of what I wanted my blog to look like came to my mind.

September 2014: Big move to the UK. I sold everything I had in the U.S. (my little Toyota Yaris and some other possessions) and packed my las 4 years in 4 bags. The featured picture in this post is actually my luggage from Florida. I learned what is really needed to study for one year in London, so don’t be fooled by the picture, go ahead and read the content of the post 🙂 I arrived to London on a rainy (shocking, it was raining) and cloudy day. I started my masters program in October.

April, 2015: Berlin, Germany. Travelled with my dad to this beautiful and interesting city for 2 weeks. Amazing, really.

May 2015: Menorca, Balearic Islands (Spain). The winter in London had taken a toll on my sanity and I needed some sun and salty water. Tax returns were distributed, and I was off to this beautiful sunny island. I have a Floridian heart too, so this was more a necessity than a luxury.

November 2015: Istanbul, Turkey. On my way to Egypt I spent 10 hours in Istanbul and tried to visit as many historic places as possible. I also got caught in the chaos of the only marathon that crosses two continents!

November 2015: Hurghada and Cairo, Egypt. Travelled with my dad as a graduation present and it was amazing! I did Couchsurfing for the first time and went to see the pyramids.

December 2015: Rome, Italy. Moved to Rome!! I decided I wanted to learn another language and being an AuPair seem like the perfect way to achieve my goal. Stay tune for new posts on my experience as an Au Pair and La mia strada a Roma.

December 2015: Chamonix, France. The perks of being an AuPair. My Italian family and I went to the mountains and I got to ski for the first time! One item crossed off my bucket list.

January 2015: Geneva and Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Quick trip with the Italian family.


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