Hola hola!

I posted my trip to Egypt in the public trips in Couchsurfing about a month before going because… it’s me, I still need to learn how to let go of my control freak self. People usually give themselves a week or two to find a host, and I indeed learned that this timeframe is more than enough. But since this was my first experience with Couchsurfing I think I have an excuse. So I posted my trip at around 1am and when I woke up 9 hours later I had 20 messages! I couldn’t believe how hospitable and welcoming people in Egypt were. Weeks went by and I was hardly keeping up with the messages because there were too many amazing people wanting to either host me or show me around. I received a total of 120 messages that ranged from advice on how to get from Hurghada to Cairo or Alexandria, to how to take care of diarrhea (was that too much info? yeah? ok). Something that really moved me was how important it was to be Colombian. Moral: it’s not you traveling, it’s you flag. It’s really amazing how many people wanted to help me and meet me just because they had met another Colombian and they loved our culture. So, kudos to people from Tolima, Bogota, Cartagena and Medellin, which were some of the cities people mentioned, who made a great impression and left the door opened for others. Getting emotional right here. Anyways, our plans changed quite a bit because of some safety concerns and we decided to spend most of our time in Hurghada, 9 days in total. more “COUCHSURFING IN EGYPT”