One of my biggest passions is reading and ever since I encounter the magic of Harry Potter I’ve been an absolute fan. I’ve been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL and I loved it! Up until I moved to London, I didn’t know of the existence of the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour. I ran into a Groupon that offered after hours and WAND MOVES CLASSES and off course I freaked out. I made it my mission to visit while I was still here in London.

A friend and I arranged a mini road trip to Oxford and then a visit to The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour in London. We rented a car and were on our way to the best day in the UK! The fun starts when you have to drive a manual car on the left side, having to change the gears with your left hand. I have driven in London twice already so it wasn’t too bad, but I do have to apologise to my friend for the neck pain and some mini heart attacks.

We arrived to Oxford at around noon and got to walk around enjoying my favourite season. Up until that moment I really haven’t had the chance to have a “very english” experience, and the architecture in Oxford was just amazing.

I love the colours changing!
Hansel and Gretel could come out of that house at any time

We sneaked in one of the campuses of the University. It was really cool to see the history and the architecture, as well as feel that college environment that is so strong in the US but that I haven’t felt in London. The whole city is mainly for students. Oxford University has over 50 buildings around the city!

Also, before coming to London I had the hope that my university would look a bit like Hogwarts, but even though mine doesn’t this university kind of did. They even had the owl from the Dinning Hall!

Well, maybe that’s an eagle…

Well, the first part of out trip was a success, but now comes the magic. We were freaking out as soon as we started seeing the signs for the studio. The parking is free; all you have to do is show your ticket or the ticket confirmation in your phone. It was super organised and we were lucky that by the time we arrived, most school trips were leaving the studio.


We decided to rent one of the self guided tours that had some fun facts about the movies and it was worth it! I highly recommend getting one; it was fairly inexpensive (4.90) and it did give us the chance to know more than what you can read by yourself during the tour. For example, in the audioguide they ask you to find the comic book hidden in the Griffindor’s Common Room. When we ask one of the members of staff about it, he went to get it and showed it to us. It was a comic book about one of the producers of the movie. All the props in the movie had a purpose and the books were filled with potions made up by the props team just in case they fell or were accidentally opened during the shots.


I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant of going for only one reason: I thought that by getting to see how they did the movies they were going to lose some of the magic, but visiting the studio had the complete oposite effect. I actually thought that many of the scenes of the movies were made in a computer but I was amazed by how many artefacts in the movie actually moved and were “real”. For example, Dumbledore’s office entrance does move! And the chamber of secrets’ entrance as well.

 Everything in this place was magical! The whole trip went far beyond my expectations and I would love to go back and have a chance to see and hear all the videos and little inside tips I didn’t get to hear during the FOUR HOURS that we were there. Another thing that made it more special was that I decided to read some of the Prisoner of Azkaban (my favourite of all) and it was so cool to read about Harry needing to come to London to get his school supplies! Definitely having the opportunity to live in London made this extra special.

I highly recommend this experience to all hard core Harry Potter fans out there; those who know what makes a feather float around and the correct way of saying it… And even if you don’t know but have a passion for animation, special effects and have watched the films, I’m sure you will enjoy it too. In the meantime, these are the wise words I take with me from this experience:


So thank you for stoping by 🙂




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